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Novated leasing (also known as salary sacrificing) is a way for you to lease your vehicle through your employer. While you are with the employer, they make the lease repayments on your behalf using your pre-tax (or a mixture of pre and post-tax) dollars. Here is a quick overview of the benefits for an employee:

Choice Of Vehicle

Unlike when work provides you with a vehicle, a novated lease gives you the opportunity to choose the car you always wanted, subject to your finance application of course.

The Vehicle Goes With You

As the lease is in your name, if you leave your employer (for any reason) the novation stops and you are left with a lease in your name and your car. From there you can make the payments yourself, pay the lease out or even re-novate with another employer.

Tax Advantages

By making the repayments using either just pre-tax income or a mixture of pre and post-tax, you can greatly reduce your income tax payable. This is because the bulk of the finance payments and running costs come out of your salary before your income tax is paid, thus reducing the tax payable if you didn’t have a lease.


Each lease is structured to include all of the scheduled running costs in the single monthly repayment. This means that, for the life of the lease, you should not have to pay any scheduled running cost as we will pay this for you.

GST Savings

When a novated lease is financed, it is done so at the price of the vehicle excluding GST, saving you 10% upfront. As the lease progresses, no GST is paid on any of the running costs either saving you even more.

Discounted Running Costs

Novated Leasing providers generally use their buying power to negotiate nationwide discounts on many items that go towards keeping you on the road, such as servicing, tyres and fuel – which are passed back to you.

Information For Employers

Novated leasing (also known as salary sacrificing) is a way for your employees to lease vehicles in their name. While they are working for you, you make the payments on their behalf using their pre-tax (or a mix of pre and post-tax) income. Here is a quick overview of the benefits for an employer:

No Cost To The Employer

As each lease is in the name of your employee, there are no fees or costs for the employer. This includes early termination or lease changes.

No Fleet Risk

Unlike your traditional tool of trade vehicles, a novated lease is in the name of the employee – if they stop working for you the car goes with them, leaving you with no car to rehome.

Attract And Retain Staff

Novated leasing is a great way for you to attract and retain staff to your organisation as a tangible benefit that adds nothing to your expenses. You are essentially able to give them a pay rise without it costing you a thing.

No Fleet Administration

All invoices related to each novated lease such as fuel, servicing and registration are handled and paid for by the leasing provider meaning no additional strain on your admin team.

Tax Deductions

The monthly payment for each novated lease is passed to the employer, meaning you can claim these as a direct expense on the business and any deductions that attract.

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We strongly recommend that you consult your accountant or tax advisor to confirm the tax benefits available to you prior to entering into any finance agreement. The information provided is for product description purposes and is not intended to be used as taxation, financial or legal advice.